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Crypto & AI

Blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger used to store data and protected by encryption. Artificial Intelligence is the engine or “brain” that enables analysis and decision making based on the collected data.

According to authoritative sources from Gartner, in the next decade, AI and blockchain will create added value of $ 15.7 trillion and $ 3.1 trillion for the world economy, respectively — in total, this will amount to more than 16.7% of global GDP growth by 2030.

Let’s try to forget about the foundations of the financial world and the hype around cryptocurrencies, which sometimes does not fully realize the real potential of the blockchain: technologies can form the basis of a new serverless Internet, a decentralized world wide web, bring a revolution in the healthcare system, and also create alternatives to platforms such as Amazon Marketplace, Facebook, eBay, Airbnb.

Effective tandem

Since recently, blockchain and artificial intelligence have been uniting to modernize many areas, the implementation of such solutions is already bringing many positive changes.
Let’s move away from the overarching potential of high technology adoption and talk about simpler things. Have you thought about blockchain when buying yourself a cup of coffee? Bext360 has created a system that provides global and measurable accountability in critical supply chains.

One of the solutions is the introduction of blockchain and artificial intelligence into coffee supply chains. With the help of AI, the quality of coffee beans is measured, and cultivation patterns are determined depending on certain weather conditions. With the help of blockchain technologies, the farm for the production of beans is constantly monitored, characteristics are assigned to each batch of coffee.

At the same time, AI serves as a guarantor that payments to business process participants are made quickly and fairly.
The combination of the two technologies could form the basis of decentralized health data management, where all stakeholders can control access to the same medical records, patient records, medical records and predictable treatment programs.

Worth noting is BurstIQ for “Health Wallet”, an example of the perfect partnership between AI and blockchain: a flexible, high-performance data exchange network for securely managing human health data. More recently, the company introduced a new solution — COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking Solution, this system provides vaccine testing, administration and tracking.

Implementation in all directions

More and more enterprises are realizing the need to implement digital technologies in the supply chain, while many companies are still using outdated communication channels and goods movement routes (importer — dealer — retail chain).

NetObjex has created a smart city infrastructure platform that brings AI, blockchain and IoT together to run everything from connected devices to cloud-powered products. The solutions have been implemented in fast food chains (smart wallet and machine integration), retail (counterfeiting prevention), consumer electronics (device tracking), supply chains and logistics (transportation coordination).

Building an efficient network structure based on clear planning and maximum optimization allows companies to define energy-efficient and sustainable supply chain structures. Optimization software to develop such a structure that supports green logistics will increase market share.

AI helps humanity


Smart contracts can be effectively used to control the purification of the atmosphere from greenhouse emissions. Blockchain together with AI can become the very combined technology that will help the world avoid a climate catastrophe, as well as help society manage natural resources much more efficiently.

Solar plant X produces a certain amount of renewable energy in 24 hours. The smart contract analyzes this data, after which, guided by the information received, it issues a permit for a quota. Then all information is transferred to the blockchain — the issued permissions can be tracked much more accurately.

For example, VIA has combined blockchain and artificial intelligence to create the Trusted Analytics Chain (TAC) to help energy companies manage and use data more efficiently. The idea behind the company is to transform the historically conservative sector with cutting edge technology and play an important role in the clean energy revolution.

Another project aimed at developing programs for the transition to regenerative agriculture and using blockchain technology is the Regen Network. The platform was founded to organize coordinated and transparent actions to improve the state of the environment: problems are solved through special incentive, reward, tracking and verification systems.

The systemic growth of the volume of information on digital media reveals the need for effective technologies for storing and processing data; without the introduction of advanced solutions, the development of society will noticeably weaken.

People are encouraged by creativity and self-realization, and not by writing lines from huge registers.

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